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Following a breakup everyone receives the same advice — no contact, remove them and all reminders of them from your life, focus on your interests, and work on yourself.

It’s such common advice because it works.

Time heals all wounds.

Except when it doesn’t.

For some people, years can pass by while the pain remains.

That initial feeling of loss can’t be underestimated. Being genuinely “in” a relationship is like speaking a second language, a language that only two people in the entire world speak. …

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The 23-year-old company has been very active with its censorship policies recently, including removing apps from the play store, deleting YouTube channels and de-indexing websites.

Twitter recently removed a sitting president from its platform, and Facebook has banned the sharing of news on its platform in Australia, which raises serious questions about the power that the tech giants are now able to wield.

I think it’s worth examining the most socially significant of them and asking, what if google were a country?

There are two metrics commonly used to examine the power that a country or nation-state wields — Soft Power and Hard Power.

Soft Power is hard to define. It’s cultural influence and public opinion. It’s attractiveness.

How many people around…

9 months and 1000 applications later, here’s everything I’ve learned.

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November 2019, the job market is considered very difficult and I’ve just moved to London to increase my chances of finding employment.

Recently graduated from my M.A programme, I had a few years of experience in marketing and then freelancing. With some early positive responses from recruiters and companies I was confident that I would soon have a job.

I was wrong.

Two months later the entire country was locked down, the graduate schemes I was testing for were cancelled, the jobs I had interviewed for were pulled.

Thousands of…

On June the 6th BLM activists pulled down a statue of the Confederate General Williams Carter Wickham in Richmond, Virginia.

The very same day in the UK, on the 76th anniversary of DDay, the Churchhill statue in London that stands facing parliament would be vandalised by BLM activists.

The next day, June the 7th BLM activists in Bristol would tear down a statue of the slave trader, MP and spiritual founder of the city, Edward Colston and throw it into the river.

There isn’t an advanced economy in the world that doesn’t have a shrinking population due to low birth-rates.

Healthy, well-fed, comfortable people in the US, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and more are simply not having children.

Enormous improvements in infant mortality means that women only need to have 2.1 children on average to maintain current population levels.

But they aren’t doing that.

For example, the average fertility rate across Europe is 1.6 children per woman.

Projecting into the future and seeing a world in which the elderly outnumber the young and are being cared for by an ever-shrinking…

Historically, wars are ended with treaties, signings, and declarations, but where wars begin is often much more ambiguous.

Formal declarations of war are historically quite rare, much more common is a slow escalation of border conflicts, rhetoric and mobilisation to the point that being “at war” becomes undeniable.

When we use the phrase “civil war” in the context of the United States many of the images that come to mind are of men in colour-coded uniforms marching in formation with muskets and cannon.

But a modern civil war in the US wouldn’t look like this, nor would it look like…

The coronavirus is going to hit America hard, because of economic fear or plain old stupidity the risks have been downplayed to the public.

“It’s just the flu”.

“The mortality rate is only 2%.”

“The only people dying are the old and people already sick”

This is the former Prime Minister of Italy on TV telling other countries not to waste time, to close down public events and spaces now to slow the spread of the virus.

Here’s what Trump was doing two days before this interview:

Everybody else outside the oval office knows this isn’t the flu…

On the 7th of March China confirmed 44 new cases of COVID-19, down from 99 the day earlier. The lowest figure so far. The specially built hospitals in Wuhan are closing, emergency staff are returning, and businesses are restarting. Life in China is starting to return to normal.

On the 8th of March, Italy declared its first quarantine measures, placing 17 million people under lockdown. It reported its highest death toll yet and confirmed infected people jumped by 25% in a day.

Multiple US states reported their first case and New York declared a state of emergency, one of multiple…

The WHO sent 25 international experts to China to study the Coronavirus. Experts from eight different countries including Bruce Aylward, Senior Advisor to the Director-General of the WHO, Clifford Lane, Clinical Director at the US National Institute of Health and Aleksandr Semenov, Deputy Director of the St Petersberg Institute.

The full 40-page report is available here.


  • The most common (78–85%) way to get infected was by being in close contact with a family member. Transmission through the air over long distances was not the main cause of infection.
  • Most of the healthcare workers that contracted the disease were infected at…

There’s been a huge amount of talk about the coronavirus on social and traditional media. Our governments are telling us not to worry, with a few key points being repeated:

“It’s just the flu”.

“The mortality rate is only 2%.”

“Only 3000 people have died so far”

“The only people dying are the old and people already sick”

If you’re young and healthy, what is there to worry about?

It turns out, an awful lot. Let me explain:

The main risk of the coronavirus outbreak isn’t that you’re going to get sick and die, it’s that so many people are…

Adam Wren

M.A in Geopolitics, Territory and Security from King’s College London. I’m much more concerned with what’s going to happen rather than what should happen.

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