Finding A Job During A Pandemic

9 months and 1000 applications later, here’s everything I’ve learned.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Keep Your Spirits High And Stay Consistent.

This is by far the most difficult part of the process.

Tailor Your CV.

It’s the case for most people that their experience (or education) can lead them into a few different directions.

Tailor Your Cover Letter.

I spent a few hours nearly every day for the past 8 months writing cover letters, so I have a lot to say about this topic.

It Needs To Seem Unique.

Hiring managers want unique cover letters, an obvious copy-paste job is an instant turn off.

Write About The Job, Not Yourself.

My initial cover letters were focused on me: “Hello, I’m Adam, this is who I am and what I can do.”

Stay Professional But Show Personality.

The person reading your cover letter will probably read hundreds that day, the majority will be well formatted, decently written and a re-instatement or explanation of what’s on their CV.

It’s A Numbers Game.

I Hated this advice.

The Interviewer Is Not Your Enemy

My first few interviews I was defensive, nervous and desperate to please. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t perform very well and didn’t get any feedback afterwards.

Take Advantage Of Online Interviews

The shift to remote working is likely to persist even when the pandemic is a memory. If you can adapt to this shift faster, and better than others, you will have an edge.

M.A in Geopolitics, Territory and Security from King’s College London. I’m much more concerned with what’s going to happen rather than what should happen.

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